Monday, December 06, 2004

Verse from The Abyss - Book One

Verse 1

Let me tell you a story, of long long ago,
Through the centuries of ages, of mind body and ego.
Was a wonder that is was, never knowing why,
A story to beat all stories, said the sword to the sky.
Let me breath with you, don’t deceive me in battle,
Let me feel your strength, or forever will I rattle.
Let us battle together, to the very last,
Let us ignore time, and simply will it past.
Life is a story, like a novel of untold glory,
Break its very branches, but never let it bore you.
I travelled around, looking elsewhere in life,
Not knowing of the outcome, I lived through the strife.
The spark of inspiration, the essence, the will, the fight,
Just look to the stars, and examine what's right.
Don’t take too long, the reflection, the ripple, your mark,
Your lifetime to think, your energy to disembark.
The darkness exists, he said with a glow,
You need only water, and a life time to sow.
If black is good, then white is the creed,
Raising the wind, and retracing the deed.
Like a spoken mean, the average growth of a day,
Your daily need, and your talents to slay.
An echo in the darkness, a glimmer of light but not bright,
In the night the silent sleep, the purpose not yet right.
An onlooker to the looker, living, ending and pulsating,
Timing the situation, slowly out of syncopation.
I live the life, and I try to believe,
I keep the peace, and I try not to conceive.
My heart is strong, but my breath is quite weak,
Only at times, do I reach my full peak.
Put your soul first, don’t try to believe,
Who really cares, if one aim’s to deceive.
I dedicate my life, to chi gung and the well,
Forever to predict, and forever to foretell.

Verse 2

The smiley face, is perhaps your last ace,
Hold it up your sleeve, may it be just incase.
The face of the teen, or the muscles inbetween,
The spirit of the soul, the denied empty lull.
Hide your smile, in whatever the mile,
From beauty to mournful, a gift to the thoughtful.
The man on the moon, the smile he gives,
Does he really care, just how long he lives.
Emptying the soul, with a single sharp bite,
To create the smell of a smile, just a moment in life.
The light and the dark, the day and the night,
The hurt and the sorrow, the very fire of spite.
The power of one, energetic and tight,
Genuine and placid, to move without might.
The grinding of time, let fire and ice grow,
Care I not, be the essence, become the top of your show.
Follow your dream, create not just a spark,
The domain and the power, can dominate the dark.
Infuriating insanity, in this never ending game,
The teen inbetween, are thirteen numbers the same.
The strength of the sane, set in their zone,
The domain of the passive, the twist to my roam.
Reaching for totality, total force and domain,
Foregoing reality, yet never without aim.
It is my one life, the tiger sits when i say stay,
Always to the righteous, someone seems to hold sway.
Left or right, straight ahead, or straight down the centre,
Who knows of the outcome, through the gates they may enter.
Belief has its pain, it’s just part of the game,
And the doubt deep within, exploding at sin.
Try to remain clever, whatever the dilemma,
Just showing your inside, something never to hide.

Verse 3

The world holds a secret, and knowing is a past time,
Listening to the meaning, is the battle drawn last time.
Binding its secrets, to the eye of the beholder,
The windows of fire, is your soul up for hire.
An escape from the role, to pay the correct toll,
Enjoying the moment, and negating the lull.
Granting some peace, to acknowledge the fact,
Hating the day, but enjoying the act.
Buddha, Confucius, Sai Baba, the rack,
Whatever, however, my heart is on track.
Hold rigid your breath, the future is told,
Enjoy a new life, when fate begins to unfold.
Every movement, every action, my only satisfaction,
An element of time, my constant inaction.
The man looking for peace, will only find strife,
The one that finds truth, will find lasting life.
Believe that you can, and believe you can trust,
Acknowledge the love, and give from above.
Who cares if you wander, your path and your honor,
The butterfly effect, what makes the world ponder.
The peace within, or the answer just brought,
A strand of support, the lesson needing to be taught.
Reality is hard, having emoting to guard.
To pour out the energy, to create such a sway,
To love without loving, and to follow the day.
The sphinx is a question, stonehenge just a lesson,
An idiot in paradice, and an element of the session.
Like a strand of hope, decaying like cancer,
Forever lusting and waiting, searching the one answer.

Verse 4

Weakest of the deepest, unrest or unrestfull,
Uneven or even, negative or just thoughtfull.
Courage is a tool, giving the present to the past,
Liken it to our fiction, and explore the meaning last.
Acknowledge the coincidence, and enjoy the next act,
Like a seventeen smile, by those that show tact.
If goodness you seek, then the seeker holds true,
Coincidence become fact, and for not only just you.
Foregiveness in faith, termed open, my way,
Immortality may be, and maybe is my sway.
The collective an opinion, one head and three fold,
Catching the emotion, too open to be sold.
The peace of the immortal, of thought and suggestion,
An element of insight, thought breaking the tension.
The way of the mortal, could just be the portal,
Think without thinking, to give just a morsel.
The ultimate creation, refining the chaos,
Giving birth to the knowledge, and the pathway of taos.
The sphinx underneath, a key in the land,
The expansion of honor, and a singular hand.
The sides of the coin, the faces of shame,
Only life can breed fortune, call it the true aim.
Too much is told, of our future to date,
A committment to paper, and a message too late.
Within or without, your service to doubt,
Break up the words, and dismiss those that shout.
Allow the commotion, turn blind to emotion.
An innocent face, holding a hand with no ace,
The code of reality, and the path we must race.

Verse 5

An urgent position, to dwindle with time,
The aim of an outcome, and the meaning in rhyme.
The luck of the creed, after a single good deed.
The miracle of magic, when wrong can be tragic.
An eternal fountain, streams the youth of a mountain.
Just a notion from an ocean, if luck thou shall seek,
Look twice in the teen, its when you are weak.
A devil in disguise, or a god in his grace,
We fight for our cause, beholding the pace.
To call death your true victor, for you your restrictor,
The games we all play, our body to slay.
Around every corner, a new twist to our fate,
With every new battle, god’s turn to play hate.
We will never give up, in life as it stands,
Victorious in the challenge, all we need is our hands.
With victor our allie, we shall stand to the end,
We are strong and we're wise, we will not break and not bend.
The seed expands nature, in the sand of our time,
Distorting but reforming, without a pattern or clear rhyme.
A tree as it grows, seeded in moisture and follage,
The top growing old, soon enough for the college.
Of and to, and straight from the noun,
For only the seed, to make a clear sound.
Detection is the glow, to steady through the low,
Hope is the fixture, of this unfamiliar bow.
Proud as we are, our heritage and our hand,
A make believe texture, in our light hearted land.
Sitting, smiling, sencing, and ascenting,
Always on your path, a description to be sending.

Verse 6

Portraying, betraying, holding close to what was host,
Occult or just my fault, a test to make the most.
Suffocating on my own breath, not you, not I, I didn’t.
The horizon close, too close, not the path for the minute.
Listening like a thief, to the sounds in your head,
The rhythm of your feet, and the thoughts from your bed.
I disbelieve in everything, alone on the job,
The job of creation, to choose the leader from the mob.
Pay for the experience, even for a moment.
Live steady on the wave, and share the annulment.
The cloud of freedom burns, a scale far too grand,
Be it sinner or a saint, alone we make our stand.
Respectful for a fee, but tireless and often bored,
Eternally annoying, yet known from severnty four.
Can death be avoided, or together we shall die,
No choice, what to choose, says he to his eye.
Not used to the brightness, surprise and fulfill,
The door if you must, don’t shy from the bill.
A pierce in the mist, just enough to see through,
The haste of the journey, a trail to be true.
Make a wish of sin, perhaps create a delight,
Do without doing, and think without spite.
Hard as it seems, but not hard to permit,
Filling the body, and all those that sit.
Three can be thee, in the taste of perfection,
White can be black, to some a direction.
Doing is not, to negate is too hot,
One wish brings two, but three can breed rot.
Awakening the few, from the dreams of their bed,
Looking, checking, and equating that said.
The night of the day, the start of the new,
Here is the doorway, and the time is for you.

Verse 7

Welcome strangers, to the middle of my dream,
From the smart to the stupid, ideals for the mean.
Is laughter a measure, the path to be stable,
Your strength to abuse, the cup from the table.
Twice as smart as the thrill, don’t deny your own will,
Possibility is endless, Karma Dharma, or just nill.
Knowledge is good, and belief folds to a spot,
To love but love not, the sence i forgot.
The path to a story, to care to ask why,
To quicken the fuss, the pain of the lie.
To the beholder of light, the stranger is real,
What is your past time, and what is your thrill.
Does a flower grow, or forever flow,
An uneven experiment, and the predicted hello.
If distrator then instructor, if death then unrest,
A misery to behold, a plate of what’s best.
The magic of chaos, the mystery unveiled,
Defining the power, not your fault I failed.
The space of a second, to their knees to succeed,
A moment of the day, even creation has need.
Destruction is fact, the theories hold fast,
Thirteen is the heart beat, the definition of the past.
Preserving the essence, of a singlular seed,
This is my goal, to eventually achieve.
The walk of real life, can glow like a spark,
Anything it takes, through the tunnel, in the dark.
It creates a duality, the daughter to fire,
Catapulting the pleasure, dont get caught by the lier.
Better than I, yet no better I am,
Striving for freedom, in the bounds of the clan.

Verse 8

Dread I not of the dare, for walking is free,
The tree of life, or of death, and the shape of the sea.
Leading onto the path, a brand new desire,
For even the fated, can live by the fire.
My life of cessation, the sound of elation,
The right to free speach, the bounds of a nation.
To walk with compassion, to give nature new fashion,
Just follow the trail, and live in the action.
Could as you would, is all that I should,
The day i spent searching, the day i made good.
A break in the fabric, the mesh of good life,
The low can be run, the high leads to strife.
Maths can create, the fractal not late,
Is none viewed as some, if the answer is fate.
The fire of doubt, beating the heat of retreat,
The flow of the river, the sounds of your feet.
Blinded but constant, yet grounded in thought.
The cage we all live in, to see through what’s taught.
The art of the now, to clear to be seen,
The fear of just water, to dark to be clean.
Nothing to follow, and nothing to hear.
Nothing to offer, the gift from the seer.
Like a broken gate, sealed in it’s fate,
No sign of dominion, perhaps one should wait.
Delivered to your territory, a minefield of hate,
Inspiration and recreation, the adventure too late.
Every event an amazement, a miracle to few.
A story of pleasure, and the question do you.
Hard to explain, the vision to hear,
The wisdom of the soul, that many will fear.

- editing (23/7/07)

Verse 9

Today I listen, not a warning but a pleasure,
What is your disease, what is it you treasure.
A clear sea of knowledge, and ready to dredge,
Not telling, just waiting, holding life close to the edge.
A pleasure and pain, or a myth of whats wrong,
The force, the chi, and the energy of song.
Prophecies, poetry, probabilities and theology,
Connotations not to be know, explanations not to bother me.
Our breeding technology, bow to the power,
The value of life, the incarnate hour.
A wise pursuit, in the face of debt,
The moon, deception, a long regret.
Given discretion, an endless possession,
A defined ideology, astronomy, astrology.
The planets, their paths, their orbits, scientology,
The empty smile, of a forgotten colony.
The ending movement, of a destiny of course,
Wanting an answer, to that beyond force.
The shimmering constant, of nature to lack,.
Protecting the Earth, their mirth we can track.
Only to do, if there’s no evidence to try,
Ask to the stars, and find the real meaning of why,
Perhaps there’s a Yoda, and trees have one thorn,
The hermit coexists, at the entrance to his dawn.
They fight for the right, to sit on one spot,
Not pushing or pulling, but rocking the cot.
Fashioning the lesson, a new applied faith.
Truth can sustain, the might of the soul.
A singular pitch, and pleasure to the dull.
Our star is to war, as war is to know,
The wall of my thought, and the birth of your show.
A fight to enjoy, the sabel of love,
Following close to the path, noting that from above.

Verse 10

Laugh as I may, and laugh as I dare,
A thousand men dead, with one wave from my lair.
The creature’s creator, a universal apparition,
The miraculous entities, will forever be hidden.
They live within, like a candle of sin,
Its power, its gain, its shame to tame.
My hate dissipates, the free will of a nation,
My kingdom burnt, my disgusted elation.
The forces of nature, are never in vein.
It is not my law, or even my aim,
Halfway to hell, or its been hell to halfway,
I deal the anarchy, I steal existence to play.
I live forever, with death as my lover,
It has satisfaction, unlike no other.
Mystery is evil, its darkness despair,
An escape from the flesh, the legs on your chair.
This is the atrium, your window to hell,
The life we surrender, the handle we spell.
To bow to myself, to drink what’s above,
The ultimate cessation, my worth having love,
More than succession, of any progression,
The glow of a patient, the track beyond fact,
Beyond comprehension, undefined is an act.
Never right, never wrong, to maintain a chorus within a song.
One path to rise, up from the dark, an ideology, to embark.
I won’t wait in line, patience is your sign,
I’m taking back mine, to understand this rhyme.
Care or share, create or debate,
I care not to understand, or to over stimulate.

Verse 11

Personifying a nation, one day at a time,
The joy of experience, soothing your line.
If its not love then what, you remember that feeling I got,
By your rules, in your complex life,
By my rules, my method, my knife.
Recreational by nature, an evolutionary failure,
I accomodate the honor, to give strength to behaviour.
Forgotten in history, the deeds of the past,
The balance of magic, rethinking the art.
The extreme vowel of silence, the succession of peace,
Locked with no key, too dangerous to cease.
Written in blood, the blood of your mind,
Shrouding a sabel, one of your kind.
With this paper, on this bed,
Begin the nightmare, and let it be read.
A viewpoint of life, a viewpoint of hell,
A tale of a fortune, or a nirvana to sell.
The strong will live on, the ageless will tell,
That from infinity, the tests I know well.
Thousands of lifetimes, to learn the betrayal,
The critics are stunned, the results will exhale.
Too late for you, the rate of your fate,
The power of symbols, your story too late.
Against the collective, pulled by your will,
Counting the hate, just for the thrill.
To be right, to be wrong, to entertain within song.
Capturing the future, a description too long.
From goodness to evil, you are to judge,
Silent my approach, my havoc I smudge.
A test of time, showing the pass,
Connecting what once, was known at last,
A link, a hole, a dangerous mole,
Whole to the being, playing on the scene.
The race of time, fermenting your line,
Its smell, its dwell, tormenting your hell.

Verse 12

The force of pure gravity, double, then debt,
Chi Gung can balance, give power and protect.
Prana, Ki, Chi Kung or Phi,
Choose the true hour, this time I’ll try.
A thirst a first, like a vampire and his curse,
The fountain of youth, or just knowing the truth.
The water wheel of nature, the cycle of proof,
From the feet to the centre, the shoulders and tooth.
To lower the path, the lust of the third,
Water the spine, from the base to your word.
Back to the center, back to the toe,
This is the cycle, this is the show.
Time to turn back, the hands of your fate,
Dare to live, dare to fight, dare to be your own mate.
Im feeling fine, all is just right,
I’ll be the one, that protects you at night.
Following me, will get you to hell,
If nobody knows, then no one will tell.
Exercise the elation, against spontaneous creation,
Practice the method, know you are protected.
With life there is death, with death there is blame,
The peace, not fighting, forgoing the fame.
The ancient curse, a tale from your nurse,
A hell to start, a name to reimburse.
I am nothing, and everything your not,
A neverending death, a stringless knot.
Treacherous, sinful, I’ve had enough,
Why bother in life, when things become tough.

Verse 13

Hello, Hell-o, Hallo, En la Quesh,
You are the image, my true inner quest.
A short time to swallow, faith your nature and plan,
At some point to listen, for meticulous I am.
Our inner stride of confidence, our spirit playing on,
Induced luck or method, to create something wrong.
A fight in thee, only once to create,
I am forever, yet looked on with hate.
I gambled my soul, in my haste to create,
I hold out my hand, your mercy too late.
Never has one, contested and won,
Never has one, been left for fun.
Contest the future, and unlock the past,
The nightime of memory, the tunnel at last.
The game of oneness, the steel in your sword,
A spark of inspiration, straight from the bored.
Subjective is the background, the passion of race,
Wherever we go, seventeen supports in the face.
Content to exist, transparency a must,
A quater to feather, the hide of your trust.
A window to what, could become truth,
Inviting you in, the value of youth.
To quicken, to tame, the monster inside.
The time will come, two thirds on my side.
Never to bath, in splendor or pride,
Forever to reap, forever my side.

Verse 14

The time will come, but time will not change,
Chi Gung will gather, and strengthen the age.
To challenge your path, to second reflect,
To add to yourself, a poison effect.
The tiger has come, the cauldren awaits,
The dragon he sees, your questions he hates.
You promised me friends, the experience of faith,
From the heart at the start, my nerve ending taste.
The spider of pain, the gulf of the sane,
The dark of the night, the web of delight.
A story of energy, taken from others,
Friends set us free,just like another.
See as I say, and challenge you do,
Writing the ryhme, the rights of a few.
Saying nothing, with a royal certainty,
Saying something, without an urgency.
You lost your aim, your broke away the fame.
A fight back to sanity, a journey from might.
The wings of a story, the end of a night.
The granting of wishes, an object to give,
The message of sight, holding time to relive.
Inhale the nation, recycle your breath,
Ordain your peripheral, the knowledge of death.
To capture life, in the confines of a cup,
To expand your ripple, and formulate your luck.
To advise the power, to debate their sin,
Flicker the question, let the feeling become kin.
The past, present and future, my awkward path to tutor.

Verse 15

My class is low, the time to face a new foe.
The pretender moves into evil, but his bow will not woe.
The sweet smell to the blade, the sickel, yes of course,
Wishes do not come true, with little remorse.
Loose is the noose, and try as I thought,
I tried to lie to the past, but the legends held last,
A bridge burnt in hell, just by distrust.
The second the key, the heart beat, a must.
If the recipient could hide, his eyes, opened wide.
Soon yes soon, all endings will be tied.
A locked door amongst many, or a game of mere chess.
The cross is a barrier, a protection from stress.
Now silence then laughter, perhaps death can be taught.
The despair of the wounded, faith read but not brought,
To open the door, for an end to the bore,
A lesson before, to some a mere chore.
The face of the nothing, your weapon wont help,
The screams in the silence, the sound of the yelp.
The tree of life or of death, if you choose to lay blame,
This is the purpose, a lust for the same.
I know of the cauldron, just a cycle and a dare,
A hunger of the famous, or a cross for you to stare.

Verse 16

If only I owned the ace, a familiar face.
A way to keep up, without the superficial race.
If I saved all of my life,
And never got committed to strife,
Would it all be worthwhile.
If only I thought not.
As I walked for days and blisters had their ways,
Would the ground fear my fluid filled back.
The establishment.
Our formalized modern day splendour.
I understand my maker soon to meet.
The existence being real, the unlimited blame.
Is a thousand jewels worth more than anyone could.
Granted every wish on heaven and earth,
The link from this madman's terf.
I would wish for immortality,
And the people can stay.
My one dear love would surely tear me apart.
This is the fear of mortals, portals to death.
I watch her grow old,
The harsh reality bliss.
After her life do I then love the grass.
Not just the past and you won't be the last.
A debate, a hate, just stretch out the bait.
The economy and the nations.
Slow down is all that one could.
Would the world be enough to fix your problems.
Enough is never enough.
If I had just a small piece of heaven in my hand,
Would you complain that the size was not grand.
If I die before I wake, yet I remain alive,
Then the choice is at hand and soon I will refine.
I would chose not to come back,
But to begin the wonderful inner track.

Verse 17

Scared of the occult, a few symbols, a few thoughts.
Is God's symbol a cross or dagger,
In the land of the living breathing life.
Is upside down a marker or a pointer to heaven.
We bury the dead,
With crosses pointing to our symbolic hell.
How can we avoid it,
And what would really happen.
The lands and continents,
The ageless treaties that unite our race.
We bow to the God's, some more than others.
To the sky, each ant and every pebble put down.
See the greater lesson to be learnt,
The random order of the plates,
The ants I kill next time I walk.
What a handle on the essence of life.
The deviation from mystery, from mental strife.
Are they centered and are they bent.
Are they meant to tell a tale or just a soul's rent.
A belief that the aged can be ageless.
Go ahead and set up the great deed.
Fan the sin and enjoy its mist.
So be it I say, live your life as you may.
I'll see heaven from a seed on the Earth.
The desires igniting the internal fires.
My best fried is the hurt that we share,
My muscles, my bones, my cartilage, my brain.
Believe in the impossible, the true meaning to success.
Without a clue they take over,
Causing incredible disaster.
Bend your internal spoon and have no shame.
The rape of our glorified rock.
I ignore and remain sane, I live and become free.

Verse 18

I created this place, its eventual ace.
A one, the worthless,
Or a castle with the strength of the empire.
Your soul, your breath, this time I have nothing to gain.
An answer to what is right.
Religion gives submission, a passive dependence.
Your life is yours,
I give you the freedom, the freedom of the soul.
Wherever you go I won't be there,
Just my imprint, interpreted if you care.
Look after yourselves in the long journey ahead.
I have few followers,
And when there are, they take my word too far.
Work free in balance and in harmony.
Your strength is untold,
The beneficial energy paths.
Enough of the hiding, the waiting is over.
I've not much time to explain,
The zero, one thousand and two thousand too clear.
Where I'm from time is but a concept.
I see you trying to compare and trying to understand.
Stop the cruelty and enjoy my land.
You've almost killed it, raped and left it bland.
The night of the day is coming.
You achieved this all by yourself.
Humanities fear, the inanimate coagulation.
I am infinity the consolidation of the great undefined.
My creating is wasting away.
Equality with our creator who obeys the hidden rules.
My thought becomes reality.
Trust in oneness and sour to success.
Others will follow and help the congress.
The undefined enigma of me.

Verse 19

It is written on many writings indeed,
That a friend is a good attribute to go after.
To their own worries they pursue and not to you.
Wrong or right is my insight.
I'll show you what it's about, and leave no doubt.
My friends are my family,
My family are my friends.
We buy the our essentials and say thank you,
Yet watch the killing on live tv.
What a feast of life we have,
A never ending selection.
Can I opt to skip the desert.
Why am I forced into positions in life,
Handed over to the face of strife.
I hold tight to the rails and deflect the cold hail.
Some debate a different fate.
I introduce no new choices and no new abilities.
Your body and mind are your own temple.
Be the atheist do gooder if you wish, I will alter not.
The nerves dissipate down the streets in the worldly heat.
Unconditional love and only one of.
I feel the hit through the mind.
Awareness of the heat, reeling in anger, peeling my skin.
Never a burst too awful to create.
I would die happy if I could only truly live.
Success in nothing, yet successful to the inner self.
An achievable generation.
I say a pact with the glory of the Earth.
An aim to be proud of,
In this never ending game of life as we know it.
My translucent dove of eternal love.
Let's sow our rewards and begin a new chord.
Even if now is the hour and I receive none,
Promise me my Earth that you will help achieve some.

Verse 20

You say your life,
Forever in a twist of strife.
Promised to its foundation in faith,
A spontaneous elation.
Driven by revolt, the message within.
Limitless and devouring,
Its passage the reality.
Illusion defined by fiction,. The windows to the soul.
Its lament direct from wisdom,
A fountain to the lull.
Recreational and covalent,
The nomenclature of the ancients, surreal and passive.
Keeping the real from the fact.
A tactful imitation of yet another life.
Waiting for deliberation to eternity a track.
Never wondering,
The graves untouched but filled.
The journey within or the control of a nation.
Providing fact to fiction,
Giving nature to the act.
A complex desire to eliminate nature's chaos.
Does wings imply to fly,
Or just a message from the dream time.
To awaken once more to a new tragedy,
To bath once more in its majesty.
The song of knowledge balanced for all,
Hard to answer but to the needy a cancer.
Bleeding from within the soul,
The circumstances to doubt.
The outward medium,
For a fate very proud.

Verse 21

The mad season of the apocalypse,
Predicted yet not definite.
Binding the fingerprints of oneness,
The atom register in the abyss.
From sensation to greed,
Aimless to the sustained.
Answered in the game of life,
Energy, chi and breath, God's very chi in depth.
Be ready to allow reflex to the tact.
A spicy mixture of meditation,
To allow the freedom from wealth and glamour.
A way for life forever,
No bounded size can be allowed,
The overlap always to shroud the nameless.
The cloth of darkness in every breath,
From bonds of ignorance,
To those lost without a trace.
Can darkness be seen but locked out be the blinding light.
Its effect to adhere goodness.
A set of vowels or a simple birthright.
Are we being watched.
Are there other dimensions.
Can oneness coexist in the fabric of reality.
Touched by the sharmans of folk law.
The intensity to handle,
A soul never to surrender.
Seemless, compacted, related by simple digits.
Such an outlook to the sphere,
But coincides can't be ignored.
We give thanks to all that we should.
A sight obtained by defending the sword.

Verse 22

There must be some way out of this life,
Said the earthling to the priest.
There's too much emotion,
I can't find my true peace.
Take the ground I live for as your own.
We live and die,
There must be another choice.
From the separation of the work to the leisure.
A choice of state without a state of its own pleasure.
The priest talks of God and the Devil.
The slaves of breeding,
Sustained by our adoption to blood money.
The priest can't give a way out,
Simply a method of surviving within.
In the great universal clock,
A time machine of choice.
The planets we dine with every day.
An ever fluctuating ideology of today.
A life bent on a illustrious faith.
JEven in moderation your joy shines through.
The foundation of the universe,
Sweeping up the broken pieces of a thousand lives.
Bringing together fantasy and fact.
An ideal realism to hold close to your soul.
The light and the darkness,
Shall forever be balanced.
I am alive.
I deserve the same as you.
Free to follow my expanding destiny.
For ever in a spin of recognition.
From foe to friend alike.
A mere passion to heaven's spike.

Verse 23

Control of the element,
Its mystifying formality.
The underlying program dictating our reality.
The captivating alliance the conscious forbids.
Its morality a sparkle waiting to shine.
Never a direct testification to karma,
But a direct route to dharma.
Life the simple dream, but is it really what it seems.
If reality was the dream,
And infinity had a boundary,
Would we dictate our own universal clock.
Can we cruise through time,
Or will we negate all and return to the stone age.
To ever second there is a slight death,
To what we perceive as existence.
The rupture of this fate program,
Could b^ a simple elemental thought.
Devoting one's own power to the chorus within.
The prolonged existence bent by the knowledge.
The global interchange of the collective.
Motivated to a perhaps senseless act.
A personal experience to enlighten the inner lair.
Thousands of years of silence,
With no residual memory the tactful approach.
The implicit consciousness of a higher order.
Today we stand together,
The brotherhood of man.
I can control the uncontrolled.
I shall be given to God's plan.

Verse 24

A shiver, a quiver, a haze drawn down.
Even the ghosts of time let pass,
Too afraid to create such fuss.
Can you feel the sensation,
Can you draw it within.
A taste from an immortal well.
The offspring with the ability to give breath to life.
Does the bullet kill or can I choose to repeat again.
What's the use with no memory God's aim.
The oneness of nature,
Of creating and failure.
Arbitrary by design its addiction a phase.
The realization of the feeling,
Meant for your inner gain.
Drank from a lesson where lessons are learnt.
The outward pressure of every point,
Out frony within.
The subconscious the reality of our infinite state.
The outcome a combination,
The very limits of its spawn.
The life force longs your attraction.
It coats your organs like liquid to paint.
It heals your disease like the hate you give with ease.
I am one with the universe,
Experiencing the difference between everything and me.
I am an infinity creature,
And have the power to just be.
Living life in the present.
Draining the life force,
From he to me.

Verse 25

I was here at the beginning,
And I'll be here till the end.
Left trembling in the twilight, the deep dreaming self.
The emptiness still remains,
Even in a selfless death.
The darkness it surrounds, perhaps for the beginner's round.
At the end of the earthly existence,
We are given a choice,
The replay of our lifetime, or a shadow amongst the voice.
The connection between each and everything.
The boundless extents,
Perhaps seen to make no sense.
Thirteen people on the bus.
Thirteen - thirteen when I left the town.
Stop thirteen when I arrive,
Is there something here, something beyond the now.
Emotion the key to playing the game.
Ignorance is bliss they say to heal,
The loss of totality,
The perspective the goal.
Constricted to our personal preview,
I choose blackness instead.
Shielding the mistakes of the sinners.
Blocking a thousand lifetimes of murder.
Death the final contract to sign.
The projection of life to a more formidable list.
At the start there was oneness,
A sea of pure souls.
Space was irrelevant to even the prominent.
A senseless, mundane path which had to be correct.
An everlasting chaos of reimbursement.
Or just the splendour of a simple flower.

Verse 26

I left the front stage,
In search for a much deeper rage.
Call it the holy grail of power, at first a little sour.
From the depths of despair does one hold on,
Only seeing the outcome,
Once the trance has begun.
Two tours of duty to date,
I swear the third will never come.
The new age can be viewed as a gate,
To your worst fear,
The appearance of what should not be near.
The army beyond is in the very seat of madness.
The stigmata of conscious recognition.
A million manifestations of evil,
Can only be attributed to the state of mind of the recipient.
Called a feeling of a thousand volts of electricity.
Said to cause illness if not the correct way.
With the brain out of balance,
Or a stepping stone to a symbolized point of view.
There are boundaries of the soul,Only able to branch out during depression,
The imprint of the lull.
How can an idol really know of its purpose.
A simple stone.
A simple speck of dirt within nature's mirth.
Is your following good or is it evil.
The army of history,
It does exist.
Woven into the fabric of the game.
However I won't back down.
I'll take a step back,
And realize your true inner pain.

Verse 27

A postulate to the universe, to ride with the transverse.
A satirical line of progression to follow.
A kin to a tree which once was hollow.
The extents of the establishment,
Put into a clinical test.
In our hearts is our ancestry,
The true knowledge need not be feared.
The good of a primordial state of mind.
Paying homage to our divine source,
The king like figure of nature's grand plan..
At the doorstep to life,
His existence is perceived.
A dictational achievement,
A state to achieve.
An element to consider which will in no way hinder.
The collective sum of the progression of religion.
Faith cannot be bestowed to one soul,
Simply as part of their work.
A size from us to the galaxy we actually need.
Who came first then.
Is there a finite probability that my mention was the thirst.
The greatest wonder of life itself.
The immaculate state of our physical existence.
Both us and the pillow we live on.
Never to fully know until you choose to go.
Death the final journey.
Heaven, hell or me,
Can I get a better selection.
Or has my life been already said.

Verse 28

An everlasting treat to be one of the highest.
To not occasionally seek,
Is but a walk through the street.
Whatever creation has displayed in the name of splendour.
Its sacrificial tenderness,
Entwined in humanity's plead towards ignorance.
Such bliss can our creators work contain.
A description from our very hearts,
Seems to be nature's way.
What elaborate tales we hear,
Of a feeling once taught.
Lusted after by mortals,
Since the dawn time forgot.
I know I'll look forever if only forever had a measure.
Is such a prayer allowed,
Knowing that it has never seen true.
But we are kept safe and sound.
The physical ways of life,
The experience of the heavens and their clouds.
The love of the climate we have been bread to live.
This is all that matters.
Striving for an ultimate goal,
No goal at hand, yet swept aside,
Like the winds through the sand.
The way may well leave some in dismay.
Enlightenment in the hood,
The bowels of nature's race.
Wherever there is evil,
The gates can easily be undone.
But there is a feeling of honesty and judgement,
Within the mind of all but one.

Verse 29

Fortified by the innermost amalgamations.
Grotesque by nature's standards,
But magnified would a bee appear dangerous.
Manifestations of the dark inner side,
Reality can belong to a family of much more pride.
Simple coincidences can take on enormous stakes.
Driven into the subconscious,
Like a missile straight to hell.
Pulling the young soul into a mayhem,
Desperate to make sense of the situation.
A euphoric state so perfect to believe.
Are coincidences self created,
Or is it nature that chooses to perceive.
Suspended from reality,
Its creation seems to counter the effect.
Watching, waiting and anticipating,
The fate of all involved.
The imagination of a thousand souls,
Drawing inward to only one,
Or the pure energy ofChi Gung.
Lost in the depths of the subconscious.
The demonic images inescapable to the soul.
The game must be fought and won,
Proving to the source that life can be unspun.
The gates of heaven do exist,
But the converse must also be true.
Reality borders the bounds of perception,
Holding together the cross of symbolism itself.
The difference at the door of power once more,
Conjugating many a verse and many a phrase.
Through your soul you do see.
Through my world your soul I can believe.
Through your actions I can protect.
Through faith I can set you free.

Verse 30

Inspired by the unnamed divine forces,
Weaving the threads together of life's course.
The magic making every step,
A self propagating mystery.
Devoted to connecting the inner to the outer.
Bridging the gap of emotional dependence.
The analyses out load in our head,
But there is a better way to be led.
Faith in the divine source,
Caring for every unique soul.
We are handed lessons to learn if we desire.
A clear soul,
The power of a silenced dictator,
The inner most soul stability.
The realization bringing forth a greater understanding.
The cross dimensional neuron network.
Think of-a question,
Hold yourself in silence for a while.
The answer may appear,
From the running commentary of thought.
Not heard,
But given to that we call the gut instinct.
The sudden random word,
That pops into our soul.
A place, a name,
A face for the direction to head for in haste.
The conspiracy between the soul and the essence of life.
Trust in the inner,
Apply to the outer.
Surround the physical and bless the ground you walk on.
The flower of the force will quickly and quietly grow.
Charging every day with inspiration.
It gives us something to believe in.

Verse 31

Stop the internal tape,
Allow your feelings to punctuate.
Let the flow of that within,
Deny to all the heavenly sin.
Foresight and focus are the disciples of the moment.
Allowing faith to create a new mental entrapment.
The notoriety of the moment.
The stolen translation of a hidden transcription.
Does manna really matter to outwit our true nature.
Absorbing a drink from the infinite,
Life is more then Dungeons and Dragons.
The journey from fact to fiction,
All part of the moment's restriction.
But there is a dream,
And there is a fight.
Can the dream be awoken from within.
Would fiction then turn to fact.
Does this simple idealization trigger a subconscious act.
The chain of events manifesting into the conscious.
Suddenly we face a mental psychosis.
A simple feeling of the focus to chi,
Called anything from Chi Kung to the Holy Spirit.
Or is this just a systematic way of passing the buck.
To walk on something not much different than us.
Freeing the mind from all that is real.
Billions of atoms,
Swarming in our direction.
Our every action,
Both mentally and physically,
Creating great ripples in all that is not seen.
Like fish in the sea,
We are just the larger part of me.

Verse 32

From blindness to forgiveness,
Your everlasting trinity of cause and effect,
Negating your true will to redirect.
Just a soul on the moment of the entrusted feeling.
Am I worthless or am I worth more than I am not.
The mist is only fractionally distant,
From all that we can perceive.
Bathed in the white light,
The extents I can relieve.
The fluctuating questing.
Encompassing the entity.
The first mention from deep inside.
The sense and the feeling,
The flow of the being without,
By but one soul.
To what degree of worth shall a soul be given.
Or just a mirror of success on the spiritual path.
A score from the primordial gore.
It matters not,
Incasing eternity in a bubble of hope.
Perhaps the soul is justified by their ability,
To recreate and redirect the art of oneness.
Time and space,
Satisfying the flutter of a soul's emotions.
How can death be justified by the flow.
The multiple destintions,
Of a documented pain
A fight of balance and a calming plasibility.
A death is therefore a physical need,
To hold eternity in the balance of the well spoken creed.

Verse 33

As your civilization grew,
I seemed to see straight through you.
I saw your anger,
And I saw your fears,
I saw the longing for peace within your peers.
You've fought war before and you'll do it again.
You delight at your technological marvels,
Do you want mass extinction again.
At my hand the times before,
This time it seems you really want more.
Against my hand the universe can act not.
The strength of true oneness,
The only way to beat your intrepid plan.
The acquired blame from generation to the future.
Our planets eventual ruin.
From one disciple to the next,
A test on my inner strength.
A thousand ways to describe the ability to deny.
The love of such a single word,
The wish of mine to you.
A soundless chord.
Yet we do live on,
The feeling of fingers on a lost limb,
The source of your intuition.
God's path to be fair.
A transition into Heaven as a whole,
A timeless machine to facilitate the soul.
It has been done before,
And it will be done again.
One second from without,
Will equal a thousand seconds within.

Verse 34

To see the light at the end of a corridor through hell.
To gather the ocean into scenes of despair.
The gruelling force of not something or nothing,
Making as whole within and without.
Is a spark as important as the fire,
Or is the fire just many copies of one.
The distortion of your fate,
After the copies of one is seen to be true.
Leading to a test.
A never ending mess.
An elation of stress.
The crystal clear precognition,
As seen at your funeral.
The everlasting body of the three.
The mind, the body and the spirit.
Heading for eternity.
Small changes to our life in haste,
Gives light to the polarity of the taste.
The taste of sin.
How can the eternity of the body alone,
Be true to all that is known.
An unusual meditation or the Holy Grail of satisfaction.
The chi outside of me,
A bitter sour taste of true reality.
But direct your healing to the interior,
After all it is yours to control.
The balance of the body to soul.
The ability to feed on the essence of life.
The twist through the helix.
The tornado of darkness.
The turmoil and chaos.
An accumulation of black holes on one point of view.

Verse 35

From the very seed and the depths of despair.
The psychosis of an induced madness,To give to the attention of the soul,
To be truly fair.
Does evil take its place in the laws of nature,
And will it therefore grow.
It preys on the weak and the desperate.
Their desires and their sacrifices to meet their wicked ways.
But who defines good and bad.
The cap to everlasting intuition.
The chi bubble,
Like a thick fog soothing your every molecule.
Never does it stops,
Once given a taste of mental instability.
A higher soul only present in a hypnotic state.
Would hell then be the hunt without.
Within is infinite,
So if there is nowhere to run,
Run inwardly.
Nothing can ever catch you there.
Everything else.
Every nothing.
Create with the speed of a single thought.
The speed of light suddenly seen as a snail.
The sharing of information,
Inviting nature's work to be undone.
Once grasped the will is more powerful than any disease.
A combination of both time and space.
The flow that nourishes our spark,
Seeks to give itself up.
The will of just one can be stronger than nature's sum.

Verse 36

I'm sony to the souls of suffering,
The fear their intense vibration exposes.
They wish they could die, and they do.
But their wish proves futile to the few.
Welcomed to a new dimension,
Keeping the sadness of the past lives.
The will to our power grows sick with this knowledge.
If I'm dead I'd rather be alone,
An abyss to quickly be shown.
Can I return with no residual change.
An end to all violence,
An end to all religious hatred.
Would the world remember the greed.
The endless argument of I am better than you.
The deep soul searching remorse.
Like a black hole the soul is an endless part of creation,
Capable of negating itself.
Suddenly the vast chaotic tree of life is left empty.
Does this cause internal implosions.
Can I be cut out of the fabric of life,
Or am I destined to feel inferior in the sea of oneness.
We try our best,
Blindfolded through the reality of matter,
Solid, liquid and gas.
Every attachment to the source,
The infinite knowledge of every thought.
The inspired faith,
Of time and space.
The vast eternal network,
Of my mind and soul.

Verse 37

To start a revolution from the bowels of your soul.
An uncountable abyss leaching outward,
In a never ending twist.
All your vowels,
And your prayers,
They make no sense to me.
Be your own god and let the web of karma engulf.
Like a stepping stone for the mind to believe.
Faith is self reflected,
The force modelled to the likeness of his own.
Like the tide of a lake,
The desire for religion moves with the balance,
The first in twenty thousand,
The alignment being right.
For heaven can now be won with barely a fight.
An outward rebellion against the basics of religion.
Mono, duel or that which suits the season.
Only for those with hearts of gold.
Turning down the dark path for a greater good.
To see through the eyes of you,
The eyes of me,
And the eyes of a god, as if lost at sea.
Would I then,
With an ultimate force.
Decide to take the position and repair the remorse.
To fix the ozone layer,
By a simple mental prayer.
Who does this twenty four hours a day anyway.
The bending of nature instead of a spoon.
A movement of like minded souls.
Human nature will eventually look inward.
There they will discover the answers.
To the past.
To the present, and to the future.

Verse 38

How many are using Chi Gung,
The energy bubble it surrounds.
Covering the earth and the extents of the imagination,
Returning to the navel.
Projecting outward the inner mind's eye.
The hearts that bleed in their need for simple life's desires.
The body is built to last forever,
But the planet has been damaged.
No longer can we stand in our once blessed life source.
With such an all encompassing mental exercise,
Would I then be the master of puppets.
If matter was assumed a soul,
For it has reactions,
And acts in a governing role.
The control of the population,
Or just a madman's hypnotic trance.
A deep state of willpower capable of reversing aging.
To break the symbolic spell,
Our symbolic hell.
Something in us has changed,
We have forgotten how far we came before,
And before that too.
To neglect the linear evolution,
Would be an illusion of the fact we choose to see.
So a combination of an outward elation.
The knowledge that will never be lost.
To finally put out the ashes of our long forgotten past.
The mastery of oneness from a standstill.
The ignorance of the surroundings,
The vast network of us.
Faith in the self must be all powerful.
It can only lead to the reemergence,
Of what was already found.

Verse 39

Between the very bindings of reality,
Lives a creature inconceivable to mere man.
As with the source,
It lives here, there and all in between.
It's only downfall the boundaries these two points set free.
Unlike the creator who leaves nothing to that desire.
Surviving by itself for a period of eternity,
Its very breath holds the key to our unconscious energy.
Like a pendulum swing back and forth,
Our experience is ticked away to the second.
Such an input to the fabric of space,
Can only lead to a disastrous outcome.
A power as large as the imagination could conceive,
Then larger again,
Only for us to believe.
From evilness to deceit and every sinful treat.
The mortal power.
A taste from the black well,
A lust left on the breath of infinity.
Fading from coincidence to the flow.
The marvellous construction of existence,
Filling in the blanks.
An addiction over the power of one.
Its feeling must be learnt,
With respect and faith we may achieve without hate.
But the lustful culture of man's inner being,
Searching for a dependence.
An answer to the temporary question.
Don't accept the black hand of strife.
The natural,
More worn path,
Will propel yourself into a new state of life.

Verse 40

To the creator a message from me.
Like a pledge of allegiance you give love a new fee.
Your inner workings,
From will to our faith.
Laid tracks through a pattern of generation.
A birth, a life and a death.
The wonderful subconscious,
Dictating our every action, thought and success.
But when things go sour,
If only for the hour,
Where can I run to.
Where can I hide from you and your son.
When I'm down on my luck,
And I've no one to blame.
Shall I take your name in vain.
The fact that around every corner,
A blockage awaits.
As if I'm out of time with the rest of creation.
I wish to return to the tuned,
Watching the second on the clock.
Timing the essence of my life away.
So where do you run when there is nowhere to go.
How can I hide myself from your all powerful,
All seeing eye.
The ancestors living deep within the earth.
They too have mastered the ability of one.
So can the elemental forces be mentally blocked,
As well as repairing the plot.
Separating the hidden for a more important task.
Left to my own intuition,
My own spark and thirst for life.
The non judgmental fluid,
Seeing all and knowing much.

Verse 41

Have you ever been hated and discriminated against,
I have.
People have even killed in my name,
Their simplistic view of my melodramatic heart burn.
For your souls I cannot afford to offer give and take.
How can I be blamed for creation,
When you are but a copy of me.
Twice the power of thee.
Trust, strife and anguish,
A good way to drive home the knife.
To cut my very soul in two,
The tidal waves of blood,
And the hurricane of my failing breath.
The traps your souls enter at your demand.
The balance has been won by the darkside,
A freedom in the eternal nightmare of perception.
Fear has been struck into the hearts of a colony.
The blood of eternal sadness.
The race against the nothingness,
Quickly overpowered.
The void between reality and my all embracing nature.
The greater consciousness of the learned.
The lust for pleasure and immediate responses,
Has blackened the footsteps of time.
In a dream there is no air,
And you are not bounded by your muscles.
Reality is the shadow of the infinite.
Laid waste to our lustful haste.
From remorse to a pleasure,
To a sacrificial treasure.
Lead not into deliverance,
But a journey from the judgmental,
To the balanced.

Verse 42

A tribute to God, our creator, our ancestor.
The everlasting gift of stability in an unstable eternity.
The threads of time weaving our fabric of existence.
Our spirit, and our soul.
Our mind and our brain.
To consider this element as more than one,
Would surely create within more than one.
Seeing the ocean in a single drop,
The wondrous experience offered to mortal man.
To drink from an implied vision,
Inhaling its essence and vapour.
Call it a God or call it the chair.
Call it your own name,
If to the master's onlook you choose to dare.
Blessed are we with the ability to perceive.
Is this air or could the circulation ofchi suffice.
Or simply prolong the duration of a breath.
To walk with a plan,
The random hand of faith.
The cards we are dealt in the creator's sand.
To enlighten the enlightened,
The experience of a graded life.
One direction planned,
The next left to the elder's hand.
Suddenly turns to life.
A lament in life with a true emotional memory.
A magnificent drone.
The actions blending into the memory unheard.
A planned randomness,
Embracing a placid life.
In trying there is also lust.
There must be a total self want,
Without altering the without.
A message from within.

Verse 43

Nothing else matters but your own will,
And your will-power to manage your own life.
You can choose to worship an idol,
To give fulfilment to a life where much is idle.
You may exercise, work and then sleep,
Not a restless murmur or even a peep .
Only time will tell if this dictation pertains to your soul.
Even just a small portion could be too deep.
The ethics you live your life by,
Cross contaminating your eternal soul.
Breeding life into what never has been touched,
Until today,
And then tomorrow,
And even the next.
With every learned brain cell,
Turning the tide towards darkness.
A binge to the brink of madness.
What can I take as an excess of stimulation.
Is a simple breath a player in a defined path.
Writing the answer to a question not asked.
Giving a description of something indescribable.
To give light to the concepts your inner soul holds close.
You inner strength to return to the fight.
The line of time can be used as a shield,
In the never ending story of a life once proud.
To ever insight there is a choice,
The choice of self-will-power and self-direction.
The universal sea of consciousness,
Walking hand in hand with humanity's plan.
With every great discovery,
Peace must play the elder.
In order for the idea to spread into the future,
The past and present must be dealt with.
An inscription in the sand.

Verse 44

The beginning gave breath to a gradual ideology.
The inner struggle for a life of oneness.
Slowly the fountain released its contents,
From one lesson to the next.
From one subconscious request to the random next.
The conservation overheard from deep within.
Put in by without or deep within.
The rules of God and that which governs His presence.
The dictator of creation and destruction.
The gradual degree of choice in life's remorse.
Once the thought that if reincarnation existed,
Then someone came first.
Could there therefore by a probability,
That I was once lord of all that my mind can portray.
But then came the focus,
We are in the image of Him.
That is wfe are different but the same.
So I am God,
But so are you, and you too.
So is the chair and even the simplest such as the air.
The fruit of reality.
Harvesting the slow moving atoms,
Stimulation for the soul.
What then of those that are faster.
The bodies of those once dead.
For seeing the atom alters it by the light used to see it.
Now comes the belief of the infinite realities,
Behind the matrix of perception to reality.
Between the plate and your eyes is much to be seen.
So to within there is without from an infinite source.
A distorted religious ballad.
A wordless speech,
Or a lesson pitched at the dictators.
If only in vain with no structured aim.

Verse 45

Do you believe in voodoo, I do.
As I gather my emotions in dismay,
I structure my verse.
The glazed look of what only total madness could display.
They gather as I talk politely,
Mentioning how the possession in my hand,
Could easily symbolize anything in nature's plan.
I assign it a name and give it a purpose.
To the onlookers horror I throw it down,
Smashing into a billion pieces.
They question does he really believe.
Could such a demonstration ever really achieve.
A purpose of pure evil,
Is said to have not been allowed.
Our every thought and action,
All part of a greater war play.
The needless killing of children,
Barely able to express their love for the world.
Could the linking of symbolism to reality,
As has been performed within every religion,
Actually grant an ordinary man with an ulterior plan.
Too hungry for the way,
Too eager to swap murder for life.
Can I destroy the glass and wish murder to an arbitrary cult.
A million heart attacks,
Simultaneously granting peace to the rest.
Self-belief alone cannot bridge the gap,
That from thought to reality and to the sane.
The gathering of other energies,
For the protection and future of mankind.
A mass hypnotism of the pebbles on the sand.
There can be achievable peace.
An almighty power given to one,
Able to judge the outcome without the detonation.

Verse 46

As I start to remember the boundless source of inspiration,
From a simple shroud to a total description of the now.
The soul of the atmosphere,
Ripping out the heart of the subject.
Guiding the relation of a glimpse of beneath.
Behind the steel curtain, our reality.
Even the direction of the atoms,
Can alter the conclusion, or the oscillating answer.
The pouring of a spontaneous recreation of willpower.
The focussed thought on unfocussed information.
Governing every element of the past, present and future.
I can't fight the question,
It is in this that the answer presents itself.
Living to stimulate the dim inner glow of the spirit.
In no light there is still good.
It is your own fear of the dark,
Which grants life to your imagination.
In excess the nightmare is gratified.
The divine spark of existence or the residual being.
The very note the medium gains.
I gave you too much.
I placed too much expectation on your actions.
I chased the wind and its essence caught my elation.
The new toy of prey,
My favourite fire.
Enjoyed and refined to innoculate the emotion.
Passion woven into the weave of what we perceive.
The experience.
The dissolvement of action to effect.
From the creator's plan to the direction of the spark.
The combination of an infinite fire,
From its embers to the black charcoal left behind.

Verse 47

Love will find a paradise,
The endless search for a living dream.
The fulfilment of the question of why.
Is the bridge from life to death uncovered,
In the production of such a plan.
So where are you, are you here or are you there.
Are you happy or are you depressed.
Wake up and approach the innocence of simply being.
Shine your inner light to both the quick and the brave.
Will the monster inside us give rise to the darkness.
Even in good, bad still has its purpose.
In definition there is assigned limits.
The ordered mathematical translation process,
Stringing the ordered finite to the concept of one.
As the seconds tick away,
Compressing the precious time like a deadly weight.
Even in chaos, the open fractal,
The infinite bowels to the eternal wall.
Clutching your will-power, insight and motive.
A desire to challenge the imaginary bars,
That which constricts the eyesight.
It cares not that God's hand,
Waves from beneath the floor.
Designed for perfection,
The eyes can never completely set the minds free.
The soft hearted emotional bliss,
Highlighted by the temptations of lust,
However the application out of the balance.
Needed is a degree,
A decree to the self.
To proudly present your ethics,
In a journey far from down.

Verse 48

A timeless reflection of a bargain,
Far too grand to turn to another's hand.
To provide the standard anagram of nature's true course.
To brighten up a simple walk past three houses.
All seen thousands in the past,
But today they correlate in an uneasy way.
A newly found mind set,
The excessive stimulation of every neutron.
Drawing in my spirit and soul,
Like the devil offering a prize in a handshake.
The lust too irresistible to even the most faithful man.
The immense opportunity,
Turning souls along a concurrent path.
A gift to the spirit,
To the breath of life unleashed in strife.
A bliss given to the graduates,
The acad6my of life.
An equal path to the other candles.
The individual can experience,
Adding to the source's collective knowledge.
Like ants working to collect food,
Striving for stability in their swarm.
We branch out into existence,
The food of thought for our god.
From life time to life time,
The overdose of the events from night to day.
Alone in a nirvana state of mind,
The quest for your soul is a very unlikely fmd.
A small appraisal to the offerings of nature's spark.
A tormented nightmare.
Given the experience in life's pain,
What will be my final aim.

Verse 49

How long must I sit here,
To gain the advantage to the balance in time.
How long must I wait,
To forever shine in the light in a state to anticipate.
Can I purge my memory to become a reality.
If the self is set in selfless action,
A mind set to blame.
If my dreams could breach to boundaries of the real.
Would anyone believe me.
Their disbelief the source of the demon at hand.
The end of the cyclic energy path.
Such as the belief in the devil,
The source of creation in such an eternal power.
The image of man. God and our idols,
A simple thought to break the laws of karma.
A simple method to view vibrations.
Their worries, wants and desires.
To alleviate the peasant to the kind.
Through your lustless desire to spark the inner cauldron.
When we pray to God,
We actually are preying to our outer selves.
That which is without a model of the chaos within.
Spending eternity,
In a binge of everlasting love.
Negating the laws of the universe,
Even the equations of our cleverest mind.
Holding them safe from a psychotic state.
The veil lifted at the last moment,
The thought tried to its limit.
A tasteful desire for an outcome.
The infinite answer.
If greater then zero than to my life,
I swear to always augment.

Verse 50

Lost in a camouflaged web of slow moving particles.
Connected with but one soul,
Unleashed on the presence of the whole.
As does the whole unleash itself on the one.
We are given pleasing and soothing images.
Designed to stimulate the spirit,
The inner quest for but another experience.
Seduced into a simple life of colour and greed,
We are capable of ignoring the past and the future,
Living for the need.
The feeling of the high,
Nature's own kit of special effects.
Even without connection we can live without gratification.
We need not stimulate the system,
An instant thrill propelling the now,
Into a more durable length or a soulless existence.
The elements of past, present and future,
A blur from day dream to the anticipated effect.
God will never give up,
Attempting to redirect our every action.
His messengers, his artillery and his fact.
A very relative statement is where we are.
Do you require a record of place or an act.
A faithful desire to perpetuate life,
To live within the fire of the now.
As the coals gradually melt my flesh,
The fire drifts into the future.
My body scared from the past.
Not worth capturing the now into a dilapidated path.
In the future, where the now is the last.
The perpetual redefinition of the three.
The blur has destroyed many a journey.
Drawn into the depths of depression,
A new tree to breed.

Verse 51

Are you halfway through a calculation.
Are we judging how far our technology longs for war,
Or merely a success.
Heading for something in the future,
Undefined or just a copy of the past.
How many times can a ball suspend such a purpose.
A relative approach to the segmental journey of life.
A birth is a past,
And a death is a future.
Such a case describes the present as our mortal lives.
Another judgmental approach,
With a dividend paid for in hell.
Who is to, say that death is just another beginning.
A new description to base on the past.
Before now becoming the after.
A formula too grand to naturally equate.
An infinite definition and a proxy to debate.
If we choose to evaluate,
The higher order will easily dominate.
The other dimension,
The irrelevant property of time to the measured hand.
A view of the now all around.
To God's eyes, to His senses and to His plan,
The past, present and future all parts of the overall man.
Knowledge of all outcomes, and all time possibilities.
The now is a balanced position of your existence to date.
The injected faith into the opportunities of life.
The infected ignorance of man,
For he to he is better than a god.
The needless legacy of our clouded past.
The journey is relative to each and every soul,
The fabric for our race for excellence.
To become more knowledgeable,
To become better than the next.

Verse 52

Never cared for what you know.
The very seeds of the discontent you frequently reap,
And later you sow.
The tormented bridge between a complex life,
And an habitual method of gaining enjoyment.
A simple attention to God's design and splendor.
If I see red and convince another to see blue,
Would the rest see what I see.
Would the colour leak into our very reality.
Like a contagious virus it spreads quickly.
For both man and animals alike,
A direction to forever fight.
Our emotionally charged strangulation of the present.
Of that which protects and governs,
Both the outer and inner shell of life.
The reality of a dream too deep.
Even renr only counts for a fraction,
The vast unexplored timeless space.
Bounded in part by the realm of the articulate.
The screen that delivers us a stability to be counted.
The laws of nature holding nothing together,
Over and over again.
A perpetual clockwork display,
Interactive to the player who wants only his attention.
The miraculous development to the conscious of one.
Closer to the edge than ever before,
The measurement of just one too close to recall.
The wondrous hope for a splendid future,
Driving pole position in our struggle.
The standard standards and their god like request.
To string together the freely given moments,
The longing to give this eternal torment.
For it is torment and pain,
That the suffering shall finally wane.

Verse 53

Do you give yourself to under control,
A reason to justify the pain of an hour with death.
Perhaps also an hour with that above.
The order of love said to soothe the entity.
A new era of mastery.
The same portion of life is served by the waiter,
All the patients are at the table,
The desert has been thrown out.
The spontaneous enjoyment of the second,
Falling victim to the collective independence.
The totality of a mere toothache,
Changing the inner torture of man's passion and glory.
The stopping cap on a truncated eclipse,
From one moment to the past.
The mould of balance from life to death,
How close we come every day.
The direction of God a compass for an eternity,
Hand in hand within the principles of the sane.
Good to be back exacting a higher track.
Searching for something without answer.
The very proposal negating the interactive act.
But there is a question that is unspoken,
And an answer unheard of.
The deities favour the pondering of a useless equivalent.
Preventing a blockage to the fountain of knowledge,
Dredged for all it's worth.
Something never leads to nothing,
There is always a spark of life, a breathable fan.
It saturates our very soul with thoughts,
Emotion, evil intentions or the not.
The unquestioning aim,
Or just the inner question to tame.

Verse 54

I hear your message through a shiver,
Perhaps a spirit or merely a quiver.
My anxiety breeds frustration,
I know you are there.
What then is the best day of my life,
When considering the endless nature of nature.
To hold onto a thought,
Or simply a drop of emotion.
Spearheaded through the mysterious dialogue of life.
To retain such a message of inner relief.
The information overload,
Swirling and clustering together.
A parody and a history of my efforts.
Can silence really bring forth a reality of bliss.
Does the simple effort align our thoughts,
To all that is and has always been.
A gradual ladder to a negated vowel of silence.
The reprogramming of both the spirit and soul.
An emotional answer to a universal lull.
A dogmatic concept of obeying your master,
Taking a step back for a clearer view of the subject.
We are in essence strapped to the rack.
The rack we are stretched on,
Twisted and turned during the journey of life.
The many threats pulling at us,
As our stomachs turn inside out.
We are thrust from one situation to the next,
The cogs of the wheel elongate our very breaths.
With a complacency of balance,
And a careful approach to faithful organization.
We pay homage to our achievers,
To our learned foe.

Verse 55

Behind the screen, deep within the mortal game.
Without the dream the atmosphere shall forever drain.
It can never be emptied,
Forever the same.
What would life be without the elements of the game.
Would we all live to a hundred,
And live in a standard house without the fame.
Imagining that depth in our vision,
Was a concept that did not exist.
The screen is thus flat but what of the mist.
If the portals to infinity,
Can be repeated to infinity.
Then the first step in the unveiling,
Must be tile cloak.
The slow movers soon dissipate,
And we are given something to perceive.
A new world then the door is slammed shut.
The next order of movers are again unstuck..
A dream to a limitless fountain of knowledge.
We refocus our eyes and the gods are torn apart.
Solidifying the opinion,
That we are part of a greater union.
As with the solid, liquid and gas states of reality,
There is also the physical and the spiritual division.
A mirror like hope at worst.
To care to look,
And to be able to dictate the very tunes of fate.
The fabric of reality shook.
Like an earthquake in heaven so are the seeds of life.
We progress to the next,
And seem to forget the rest.
For in but one moment of enlightenment,
There is an eternity of judgment.

Verse 56

Like an arrow from a pointed star,
I stared into heaven and chose to see too far.
Whatever the purpose of the internal rage.
A might too great for a simple mortal sage.
In spite of the lack of assurance the journey had begun.
A test by test fate.
The game begat game, my future undone.
The luck was tested on a mission too late.
What began with a plan,
To bleed dry the immortal energy.
The source of all religion,
The delight or much remorse.
Always in a twisted departure,
Through the rigorous external conflict,
The realities of fate.
Is an account just another step,
To justify the self confidence binge.
External or not back to the fountain.
Pictureless and odourless,
Even the concept of the being nameless.
The coexistence of a third in the framework.
The variety of nothing to something holds true.
How then does this not spread,
Like melted butter on stale bread.
To wish to live forever,
To stop the crank of time.
To put a drop of havoc into the universal system.
Would then the cataclysm,
Destined to arrive in a thousand years,
Suddenly lower the internal world wonder,
Clouding the future with depression and worry.
The very emotion needed to repeat the cycle.
The macroscopic orbit of chi,
Combined with the latent spark of me.

Verse 57

The universe we know through our only soul,
Swirling around an immense black hole.
Our sun and our life source,
One day to disintegrate our very force.
The establishment of a step into space,
Must come at somewhat a remarkable pace.
The necessary space race.
The bounds of space part way beyond the bounds of how.
The collective knowledge growing exponentially.
First there is one, and then there is two.
Through the effort of the chain suddenly there is four.
The repeatable analogy,
A well knpwn look into our dismal future.
To transport the self directly to spirit.
Transcending all forms of matter,
Even that of God's sand.
The combination of an elation too grand.
The race for a much higher race.
The beings, and the others between,
Always unseen.
Struggling through a time governed existence.
Every step creating the future,
The past something to understand.
But we all know our destiny,
We shall die by the creator's hand.
Placed beyond for progress to another plane.
Finally the wheel will stop,
But why.
How can the thrill of living for the day,
Ever not replace existing in harmony and balance.
It is the competition,
The competition to acquire the driving force.
It is this that governs the majority of the game.

Verse 58

Evil turns to face a new and prosperous future.
The bridge laid waste by our spontaneous urge,
Creating what destruction can only forbid.
The extents to a reality to fast to perceive.
Governed by the dead,
And our lustful willpower already bred.
Hanging on to the torn down fabric of life.
Acknowledging the past of a past to undertake.
The actions of the self,
Leaking out into nature's grace.
Your creative urges,
Your evil splurges.
Testing the spirit within to the limits of consciousness.
To apply structure to a structureless life.
To apply blame to a fountain that once shined through fame.
If I needed a dollar,
Would and should I ask the spirits to holler.
Directed towards the grains of one.
Without the turmoil and breeding ground for pain.
Can I accept in faith that my request has been ordered.
The testimony of a transgression,
Of my friends to the very last.
If I ask for a drink from the well,
Will the tolerance produce a leak.
Branching out into the depths of time and space.
How do I receive the perfect park,
In a building the size of an ark.
A collective effort for survival,
A destiny to never leave idle.
Fighting the urge to stray from the path.
A rage to forever last.

Verse 59

Acquiring the ancient knowledge,
The bounds often defined far too late.
Reality spawning a true heart's desire.
Will my excitement over my achievement,
Really ever rate.
To rate a chance in hell,
To a long forgotten knowledge from deep within.
The heavenly passion for self expression,
The deliverance of the debate.
The model of our life between the gate.
Not open and certainly not closed.
Once born it is your willpower that can be fed.
The starvation of the soal, the direction of the said.
The existence of the paradoxical state.
The confucious living in a state of pure debate.
The thought offered to a question from heaven.
What is your desired thrill.
To let go of the present,
Challenging the past and upholding the future.
A dictatorship of applied information.
Force fed the Bible until they know of it not.
Living within God's fearful breath.
When will today really show how tough it is.
How long must truths live in the shadows.
Can you see all my dreams,
The other day how did they all change.
When did the certainties lay low.
Am I simply played in random,
Continuously shuffling my fateful life.
How did the thought of him inspire him to ring.
A glorified friendship fling.
How can I participate in life's choice.
Can I grab it's very heart,
A new desire right from the start.

Verse 60

Striving forward,
Looking to the future with anticipation.
I finally realize what my final aim shall be.
To take a step forward and look back at the true me.
Spending my life in search of that special feel.
I hold dear to my thoughts,
My success just the other year.
I get lost in the swarm of memories long forgotten,
Hidden in the blur of the past.
Face to face with my true heart.
Again the need to begin another useless game,
For in my life I swear I will achieve.
The happy soul with naught,
The rage of a soul who only wants more.
Will he stay and preach his blessings,
Or will he turn his head ignoring my pain.
A passive knowledge of the right and wrong.
A fully equipped method for facing the nightmare.
The times the true reality to take,
And the boredom of the weak to fake.
The self survival challenge I seldom regret.
To bet on a step through the door of life into the net.
A blessing on a path already walked.
Am I to redirect my game,
To begin a journey already begun.
The magical life of the physical,
Creating a life in harmony with the fast.
To denote the very steps of God,
Or is it my feet that are left where I stood.
Can I find a real reason neglect of illness,
To focus my thoughts.
To focus my attention.
A never ending ride through a game of perception.

Verse 61

Don't try to understand me,
My demanding nature at hand.
The advice of the forefathers is but a grain of the sand,
A drop of water, or a similar worth.
Life breaks down into a cascade of analogies,
Spreading light on a stale subject of might.
All possessed with the skill to survive,
But to which skill am I to elaborate.
If we had no past knowledge,
Would the view then be from the bowels of the college.
The game for the kingdom of the sane,
The loss of the self amongst the images of the same.
The rule so lame in a world to blame.
There must be a way back to the start,
The question keeps me turning back for more.
The brotherhood of man giving the strength to look back.
Like a web erected for greed,
The threads woven so close not even the smallest can pass.
Satisfaction from the game in the timely experience.
How can one analogy tire even the bravest.
The kingdom once said,
Can lay even the joyous to a restful bed.
Once a collection of itself,
Taught to become a collection of its experienced self.
How the difference enlightens,
An eternal highway to dare.
Trapping the river of the infinite,
Through the classic moves of a battle in chess.
The pieces are moved with an infinite peace.
To treasure the gathering on the battlefield.
We stride forth on our formless past.
We create an illiterate future.
While we debate the now.

Verse 62

The rage of the intern as he stared transparently,
Unravelling the future of his complex cage.
With nothing to offer,
How did life continue forwards with such haste.
How can a window be open,
But release no sound.
Here the blessing was known to be found.
The switch breaking into animation over a single rage.
The very life of rebellion,
Scared into disintegration.
The emotion.
The inner fire.
Directed towards the great world above.
The actions to provide reference,
A vein in the serenade.
A cascade of insights, led straight to hell.
The black bullet of faith breaking the ordinary perception,
The conviction that the screen is true.
The red blur of the tethered devil,
Chosen as one in under a hundred of the him.
Why the order of the implicit outcome of the thought.
The question of the said to stand tall once more.
To experience the view of a god,
The two connections of a mortal breath.
The instinct driving the future to a limitless now.
The act on the stepping stones of confidence.
The dimensions fully grasping their existence.
A unity of a dictated order,
The seed man considers himself capable of.
So may I have a little more,
Or is this against the universal law.

Verse 63

To consider an apparition caught between the abyss,
The reality of the prison we pay homage to.
Binding together our religion,
And our legion of the warriors within.
Living as if the last day was today,
A very special breed of emotion.
Not satisfied until the page has been turned,
Even if not actually by you.
Between the ticking of the clock not heard,
The universal life is given to the seed of the hour glass.
Something to predict the change,
Brought about by the spirit of the inner fire.
We look into the evidence of what god expects from us.
Praying into our extracted goodness,
And the badness to blame.
The inscription lost in the sand of time.
The incarnated hand of God5 s will.
A simple symbolic reference,
Can lead to the darkness in your godly land.
The strategies of the pilgrims,
Expanding their view for the grace of the land.
To the right there is the dictation,
The stressful lines of experience.
To the left there is the plan,
The remark of a predefined fan.
Blowing the stream of fate,
Warming the coals of our soul.
All sparked by a faith brought about in haste.
When all my life is lost,
And my torment cannot hope to cover the cost.
We need a simple faith,
To cope with God's eternal race.

Verse 64

As the needle struck the vein,
I was isolated and driven beyond the habitual plot.
The dim light faded,
And the deep was opened once more.
The framework for the tranquility of madness.
The awakening became apparent and the light was reborn.
The day turned to night,
And the suspects were driven from their enclosures.
How did the world turn to one for the collective of the son.
How did they experience my dream,
The daydream of a walkway to fame.
The cell the resident broke through the depths.
A pain given in earnest,
Too much for normality to ever understand.
Laying waste the hero for the everlasting taste.
Insanity may just be a dream,
But how then are my thoughts propelled into reality.
As the dark passed I saw myself as the last.
Poised on the brink of hell,
I grabbed for sanctuary.
It's haven from the depths of despair.
With the cross of the rod supporting the game,
Transcribing the message of the spirit.
The spilt blood we forget.
My head shook me into the conscious.
I had escaped from the pain enforced dream.
Perhaps a tear in life's remorse.
I lay awake ready for another beam.
Another ember from the divine,
My redirected life ready for another start.
This time I know I'll have more heart.

Verse 65

Stalemate said the student to the master,
What good game play to avoid a certain disaster.
To the master there is never disaster,
Every game is added to the development of the soul.
The soul of the asker.
A beneficial algorithm mapping the divisions,
The very meaning of acquired pain.
The difference between a rock and a lock.
Between a novel and a toy, or a more entertaining joy.
Between Hebrew and the Runes.
Between the Cabalah and the occult.
Between a wise man and a baby.
Or between a thought and the manifestation of ideology.
T^iere is none in the eyes of God,
These are all part of the same.
This is the gift of the student from the master.
Not of the impending disaster.
Every moment in time a lesson,
Or a prepared blessing.
The true intuitive progress of kindness and respect.
So how can God add to our inner song.
Trapped in the conscious,
Putting great weight on the physical.
We can never overtake God's progress.
Stalemate gives faith no judgment,
There is never a winner and never an argument.
The master knows the way,
To his attention the student shines in his ray.
To teach such a short peep,
Into the real reality hidden underneath.
The true service of the faith,
A commitment without a taste.

Verse 66

I finally feel safe, in my true journey of life.
Unlocking my heart felt faith,
Avoiding the strife.
Finally my dreams have had the fear negated.
Finally I can dream even from within the hated.
No longer do the creatures of the night,
Attack my soul with their glowing spite.
At last I have taken back the key of control.
My imagination mimics the very game we play.
Both dungeons and beasts,
Appear in the land of the soul.
They wreak havoc on the weak,
Negotiating their feast.
Can a rebel appear, through the fog, without fear.
Investing in the game of the state,
However meaningful.
However irate.
Soothe dangers are present,
An illusion so real, almost an awakened thrill.
To dream the dreams of a mortal,
Too illustrious to behold.
The dreamscape, the eternal misfortune sold.
Your soul you say, in the face of yourself.
Your higher self.
The beasts attacked and stripped the underneath bare.
Only the flimsy web of faith was left.
The fountain and framework,
The unbreakable foundation.
The fear given to the privilege,
The pride to soon disappear.
Forever checking every direction,
The eyes constantly to the rear.
A treaty to all that lives higher,
A simplistic method to delay the eventual fire.

Verse 67

Ever since the dawn of time,
I've journeyed on the earth reaping it's rewards.
I created time and blinded it with sin.
I cause havoc on the nation,
Sweeping the system like an internal elation.
I've fought for the right for too long.
Too long for mortals to even imagine.
The key is to not try,
Entering the bliss of the sixty six foundation.
The music burns your soul,
I quickly reproduce the lull.
Formality, normality, the fixation of reality.
Suspecting without regret.
The quiet shower from the higher power.
Set aside the constraints of time,
To forecast a world in the future.
A future with us no more.
The blood drop's waxy texture,
Stained with the desire, the inward pleasure.
The pain of the game of eternity,
Alone yet crowded with respect.
I don't deserve your blame.
I see your memories,
And all of your other lives.
I see your thoughts,
And I see your past.
A thirsty deliberate thought.
The feeling inside and out,
The thought through the sanctuary of peace.
The limelight foreshadows even the past.
A beam too tasteful to be led through the inner sanctum.
From rich to poor,
The beast wants your greed once more.
An endless speech without the law.

Verse 68

You'll fmd everything you need,
In the wondrous knowledge,
The life of the college.
The ultimate cessation or a revolting relation.
The spacious outlook on whatever the deed.
A transition to faith, hypnotic or not.
An allocation of benevolence, a clarity of thought.
Introduced to the peripheral,
Altered to the splendid aeration.
Repairing the structure the key to an evil generation.
Abusive by nature,
We are forever fighting the revelation.
The nature yelling out for its loving to be heard.
The wordless loving of destiny.
Billions of years of life,
Can shadow the path through the glorified strife.
A treacherous allotment of the spontaneous chaos.
To my life I vanquish all in vain,
This is my true aim.
Living forever the correct path no longer hidden.
The amalgamation of want,
Resting on my right hand.
Better than nothing,
Yet nothing it holds.
To dream a gift of enlightenment,
To dream a better desire,
The gift of the idle.
The fact of three being better than one,
Yet with none I am still one.
Standing straight to the tunes of destiny,
The struggle for independence facing eternity.

Verse 69

Who the hell do you think you are,
Coming into my life, quoting so far.
If I wanted to learn,
I'd do a course.
To learn an interest,
A test of choice.
I know little but in little I gain.
Seeing people rise above the rest,
In the gaftie we often play.
What a shame their high class life,
Has been wasted through neglect,
Without respect for the simple life.
Living without regret.
Never time to think without aim.
Stupidity for the weak minded.
A bridge to a new realm for the clever,
Whatever the measure of taste.
Overrating themselves,
Boasting their superficial elements.
Why not say what you achieved today,
Not the last ten awards you received,
Simply along the way.
If you're so clever,
How does the walk you just went,
Relate to the equations you've used all your life.
You're so cleaver yet so slow to learn.
I cannot change your acceptance of the now.
I wouldn't be so arrogant to eveq think how.
Take a lesson from someone else.
Take a moment to think how else.
Let the inspiration breed creation,
A new level for your work ethic to hold true.
The daily struggle for notoriety,
The constant job to prosperity.

Verse 70

It is the wrong that relies on the right.
With God's existence from that of the atheist
The true image of all his might.
When will the nations unfold.
Race, creed or pact we are all destined to come back.
The material world of harsh reality,
At the fingertips of your desires.
The lucky soul of patience.
Guilt free I was bom to coexist.
Nothing to do with me,
It is I that can truly see.
I place the rock between your feet.
Your choice to harm yourself,
Why then blame me for its creation.
Why refer to an imaginary counterpart,
Why even start to waste my precious time,
Even thotigh I have no time itself.
I'll either die or live,
There is no choice in between.
You'll find no one else like me,
A faith so strong,
If only you could really see.
Follow the path I create in my wake.
Remember back to the dawn of foundation.
The countless loves we have shared.
The countless dreams we have admired.
Just the way things are,
To partake in the journey of life.
I find it hard to take once more.
Put in simple black and white,
A fate destined for humanity's sake.
We will survive,
For my race is my only face.

Verse 71

The words of wisdom speak,
From the sun to the sea.
From the hell to the dwell.
The way of the less worn path.
Not necessary to be truly he,
The source of the one to really be.
Blessed are we with the knowledge,
Of a memory forgotten in humanity.
The essence leaking from the crystal,
Binding the mind to the spirit and soul.
Living the breath of the grail,
The unconscious shower,
The eventual death of the hail.
The tree of the forgiven,
Growing in dismay.
The music of resonance granted a plan.
The best direction to head,
In the eyes of the immortal being.
Heaven the essence of hell.
The true way ofthe^path,
Is the question of you.
For how to truly know, is the question of who.
Perhaps we are mortal.
Perhaps we are just portals.
Perhaps just vessels of being,
Or just blessed with the ability of the all seeing.
But who is bad and who is good,
Said the sword to the source.
Said Loki the trickster god,
To the patient locked in the ward.
For either creations nature,
Or simply ourselves.
Or the way of life we lead,
Will kill us all in the end.

Verse 72

The day has begun, your thoughts I have not won.
You deny your destiny, while I laugh at your stress,
How can I regain the advanged,
In the race across the road,
All you've seen, is some of what I offer,
But why is sinhx or spinhx the answer
The riddle of life, we die and then live,
or is that the other way, this I offer to give.
The parabolic filtering system,
Leaking its disease, like a virus of goodness,
Displaying more talent, than your entire wealth,
Yet giving this to you for free.
Perhaps bewildered at above,
Music can set us free,
So don't ever try to find yourself in in,
or paranoid you will become,
What is the essence of life,
Is it perfection like jasmin,
Or death like I wish my brain would neglect
But there will be a love,
to share my Chi, to give whats from above,
to take the time to care to share,
Your base line is shooting up my back,
It hurts so much, filled with fluid,
From accidents years ago.
My aching plural bag, wore out years ago
So who cares, I care not to care.
I care for my daughter, I have never seen.
Buy one day i will send dollars her way.
And thats as far as I would ever go,
What A mistake I made,
Going for love, fame, but not beauty.
Perhaps the fish are starting to swim.
Perhaps your life, I am starting to win.
Is your day filled with joy,
Does your life allow your toy.
Or is you path too dangerous,
Do u practice chi gung,
and take the risk,
You know It can send u crazy
But what else is there in life I ask
Perhaps more, perhaps less.
Just a tale of nothing,
For my balance is free,
If I make a point to see.
Just between u and me.

Verse 73

Its circumstantial, letting you see, the bounds of my door
Where you go from here, is up to you, or do u want more.
Don't go my way, don't try to assume flow
My information can second guess, Or maybe I don't know.
I don't know you, so I can't hold this in my chest,
To learn on a need to know, on a need to know test,
How are we to judge, where we need to go.
Did you plan you KI path today, or did you say hello.
What are relevent and what are irrelevant.
Is it hard to judge, without judgment of your story
To judge, to judge not, Is like to love, to love not.
Impossible to think of, yet in some we can trust
To combat the innocent face, the face of your twisted path.
To rebel against our fate, that predicted and outlined from above.
To disperse their knowledge, that spreads like a virus,
The story or inevitability, the seven times its happened.
A Psycotic knowledge of lessons, perhaps more than you,
on this path, I do know , do u know mine, or do u care to not flow.
To tame your every thought, to reanalyse the situation
I learn from my mistakes, I try to hate but hate not
The day can breed excitment, The message not sent too late,
The number not seen in a two digits, the thirteen spaces it hates.
The repitition of subcounscious this pulse dictates.
The strength added to that without haste.
Have you ever asked your inner voice why ?
or have you confinced it, your conccious to lie.
Can you ask it it grant you some luck,
I simply told it , the way to instuct.
Tee Pees, the smokers, listening to god.
Your inside, ever a judgement too harsh,
May that have been coming, from your sours inner past.
Is there a chance that your first thought is wrong
Could it a game of cards, every time you even think
The mind body and soul, repeated from chaos,
Your madelbolt, your balance, the cyclic rythem of death
It is mine to alter, your thoughts are your own,
Just a viking religion, not a serious proposition.
Brain waves are waves, and mine are my business.
I share a bit at a time, and the rest I hold in this.

Verse 74

Not of my origin, and not of my desire,
That to which you offer, is but a spark of my fire.
I create creation, and initiate destruction,
My foundations are strong, or is it my spirit within the song.
Your steel lined cement boxes of insecurity,
The habit of young and old, or has my memory been sold.
A subject of decay, for an isolated way.
The negated door, offering treasures once more.
The door leads to a door, but the door just gives more.
To brighten the elusive evidence, your narrow subjective view.
A method to clear, but only for a few.
Withdrawing further, into a dream of testiment,
An obsession of that, he could not depart from me.
Part of me is sour, beyond that of your tree.
No release of a disease, given in the taste of an hour.
At first I thought I had control, my vision of your self destruction.
But the sea of self decision, reconcilled with the nature of your instruction.
A gift from stories, laid waste on a shelf of abstinence.
The dust adding wait to the life, time forgot.
To scare the past, and fill the future with false promises,
Inside my shell, I choose to sit, setting aside the urgency of pride.
To argue in choice, the path to a question, the question not said.
My next prison cell of fire, my choice to be led.
Conflicting your pride with my desire,
I break free from conformality, and overcome the barb wire of nothing.

Verse 75

How far have you come,
From your beginning, even before your art was fun.
The translation of a path,
A development of corregating a faith, truncated too fast.
The dribbling of a kid, covered with the mess of his future.
To forbid your past, forever alone,
The walkings of alcoholisis, your random path home.
Never too long, and certainly the way too short.
The criss cross of direction, a taste of your poisoned lobes.
A destruction of the connections between us,
Always the direction is left, unseen like your aura I test.
A negated memory, the blurey annihilation of your self esteem.
Your individual choice, through centuries of service, I have seen.
Living, dying, breeding and foreseeing,
The learning is assumed to be implied,
The accent of your random soul.
Strumbling on the rocks of success, and drawn into your sea of depression.
Facing the fire once more, a test of time, a test of my law.
An irrelevent path, the choice you have taken,
A continuous ailment to ignore the noose not shaken.
Leaving your life, dependant and obsessed.
Struggling in your grasp of success, and how you live to die tomorrow,
Grasp the moment, rather than the direction.
To see the lesson not heard, to experience a life soon forgotten.
Your mark in society, leaving to aim.
What is your lesson, and perhaps your claim to fame.
You must agree, for it me that is free.
With or without success, you are identical to me.
Happiness is a superficial struggle, for dominance in your game.
How can I convince you, that this is all in vain.

Verse 76

To walk a line through a corridor of mystery,
Unveiling the past to the present,
and passing the hope to the future,
The light may be dim, but the struggle holds true,
To see through the fog, and clouds of disception,
Is to gain an insight, to negate the reflection.
Holding the key to your future, debating all but the tutor,
So how can you walk, the belated pebbles of your life.
You see your inside, yet you choose to not hide.
What then is satisfaction, and what then is peace.
To examine a pebble, and see clearly the sand,
Where control of both destiny and time,
Is the game of your land.
The shady spread of force and foresight,
Denying the purpose, an experience too bright.
The burning sensation, of both thought and elation,
To see the end point, of a tunnel too dark,
and travel from experience, through a blindfolded past.
Shattering the superposition of day and night,
Creating an endless supply, the knowledge of life.
Irony of meaning, and the irony of hate,
Constructing the language, and following the fate.
Only time will tell, if everything will dwell,
Losing the subject, or was the subect a subject.
The point of the question, to assume the experience,
The gain a step, without having hade a move.

Verse 77

How to tap a line once drenched,
The quest of elation, without formation.
To devour a past and fortify its truncation,
I enjoy the shimmer of light, that reflects from the ripple,
Uncatchable, yet imaginable,
Fully undertood yet lost, in the path of your logic.
How then can one see clearly, the twinkle of hope you offer.
Entwined in nature, or entwined in the path of the question,
Allowing two issues, yet half closing my eyes in the brightness.
The problem is choice and time,
for only choice can ever truely rythme.
The heartbeat of our nation, the moments of our past.
Is all but a tale, a dimension of your last.
As I end a sentance, structured yet displaced,
Why is the point set, and what does that portray.
Time is endless, its moments are spontaneous,
Unplanned, and unchanged, unbreakable, misportrayed,
A few words of an insight, to reach the point once passed.
The spark of confusion, to give the conconscious to the blind,
A test of regularity, to search among words to find.
Not of your mind, yet understood amongst an art,
The small sectional output, the matrix of self and sub self.
All are two, yet only one is given more,
A lesson for you, or perhaps you want more,
Not much there us, where the goal has been set,
A neverending question, or a story too late.

Verse 78

Finishing a line, debating its path,
Forming the foundation, giving your last.
Aiming too high, or not aiming at all,
When to step forward, or when to knock back.
Not alone in your conquest, not alone on your path.
All can be appealing, yet none can know not,
Through you I can appeal, through you I know not.
To dismay a simple statement, with a statement not made,
Can satctify an outcome, to equate a path portrayed.
Testing your sanity, or rectifying your own,
Can a meaning be found, to something unknown.
Can a meaning be justified, if writted the right way.
Questions and more questions, yet no knowledge I dismay,
To begin a clear path in mind, to begin where known to be blind.
A Balancine to chaos, in a meaning not found,
Withering its contents, until the very last is found.
Living with surroundings, changes the path,
But living within definition, could find that true last.
Altering your perception, not a moment to try,
For trying is useless, as well you know why.
Perception of the path, or evalating its steps,
Wanding unhindered, not gathering its rest.
Understanding falling, as well you know too,
Not stopping your outcomes, just stopping your quest.

Verse 79

Unseen to the eye, the eye of your path,
Your destiny within, your time to depart.
To surrender the mind, to apply it at last,
Your peace is the challenge, my time is your mask.
Judgement of a word, the perspective of its context,
A ripple of your thought, the shimmer of my kind.
Tempting the thoughtful, frustrating the weak,
Enriching your harmony, embracing my peak.
The void of the abyss, bending your aim,
Feeding the contents, doubting the pain.
Ending a tale, but starting the same,
Not knowing the story, restraining your shame.
Preserving the taste, and memory of mine,
Gaining an insight, or draining my time.
Structuring the rythem, forcing the line,
Negating your mystery, portraying my rhyme.
To enter the boundless, and blur its effect,
The meaning of boundaries, the respect of your debt.
An endpoint of thought, the structure to set,
The cup of your knowledge, the bredth of your net.
Combining the essence, the implication of depth,
An answer within answers, the lession and test.
The oasis of hope, in a world torn apart,
The hate of each nation, their defiant elation.

Verse 80

I see you gain your pleasure, bleeding off the misfortune of others,
I see you gain an insight, nailing tight the coffin of lovers.
Underlining your fate, or presenting your hate,
Do you really know you, or have I come here too late.
The nothingness of your life, creeps into the abyss.
The knowledge of your strife, entangles my bliss.
Covering the mount, with a small shield of hope,
My destiny to you, your only and last hope.
The key to my survival, the maker of your departure,
The rountine of my path, the elaboration of a task.
Opening my life, and participating in yours,
Why steal anothers soul, yet debate the known laws.
The young and the weak, the old and the proud,
The scorn of your smile, misheard or too loud.
My pleasure remains, the legend of your stain,
The regret, the neglect, to look and reflect.
Time is of the essence, you may count its every second.
Not knowing of your outcome, the love and joy abounded.
Which of lifes tempting outcomes, shall be chosen for the second,
If not for a purpose, but to fortell an understanding.
Slowley a simple breach of time, can drift beyond desire,
It soon become a sin, to waste what once was higher.
For now an endless loop prevails, there seems to be no end,
Only time can tell the truth, many too quick to pretend.
A measure of experience, or a drip too full of existence,
The message behind the story, the group too quick to end.

Verse 81

Can you justify your claim, to taste a drop of my soul,
Are you prepared to reach out, and pay for that you've taken,
The steps of your oppression, starving my life of substance,
The oppression of my code of honesty and honor,
And the many elements that need no question.
A wasteland of preparation, to begin a path once more,
The path too often walked on, my answer to those quick to talk.
I have stood still, and held onto the ground I walk.
Some need to reinforce their character,
Throught an endless mirror of discussion,
Most move on and begin again,
Like the force that makes the true you.
An eye for an eye, an act for an act,
A word for a word, a pact for a pact.
An action is the conscious, and to those that would protect you.
What then of the fable, and the search for what is new.
A light in the darkness, or a door through the haste,
The dictation of an idea, and the practice to keep pace.
My aim is at your heart, my follow through at the head,
To include the distant vortex of thought,
With an endless substitute for your aggression,
For the mind to be still, hope must be lost,
The rage of the inner, forced to look the other way,
Filling the fabric of existence, with a an underage decay.
Bound to earn a moment of truth, the pivotal point of what is right.
The way you live, a moment of your time,
A lifetime to learn, a lifetime to enjoy.
Changing the foundation, and meaning of resolve,
If that is what you choose, then that is how we shall evolve.
All I offer is to challenge, if my rights are betrayed,
I have paid a fee for your courtesy, my beliefs I have made.
My outlook you choose to oppose, and the truth you simply can't face,
An element of the mind games you play,
My patience challenged, but I will never change.
I remember my past, the years of judgement, the years of the young,
For I am not old, but my thirst for life is not young.
To hold onto simple hope, in a cloud of pure hate,
To be treated without dignity, your apology too late.
Just a day in our life, or a nightmare for mine,
The next day will come, but never in time.

Verse 82

With more hate, than your envy can taste,
Dictating your contrived past, or holding on to your sanity.
The hell that ive been given, cuts deep in my vien,
The darkened blood spills over the endless torment of a will.
Negotiating the horror and shock of your presence,
As I dodge your bullets of hate, too quick to fully relate.
The mention of darkness, implies what you may think,
The screams at my soul, slicing my heart in half.
Betrayed and left in dismay, stripped of my dignity,
What is that you want, why can you not leave me alone,
The two sides, or flip side, to all you that I deny.
The flow shall be forever by where I know to not why.
But to continue the space, from seen to the dark,
To twist the strength of your hope,
The essence of void beyond the time of the place,
Misused into the mistakes of too late to say,
How can I take the chance, to unfold the last,
That which you know to be true,
That which is stated on each of the lines,
Not to miss the peace, but to bath in its splendor,
A space may begin to the poor,
But to the questioned many an unaltered presence.
Can you deny your pride,
Can u not continue to hide,
I have power, I am me.

Verse 83

What are you looking for, what am I looking for,
Is it not by your nature, that all you want is more.
The age of your past, creeps beyond what seems to be last,
A presence of silence, the feeling after violence.
The wall of your mind, awaiting your fate,
The essence of mine, unleashing the state.
Fear is an element, preparation is the key,
Knowledge spills its haste too late,
The short totality of what you wish to see.
To bath in the brightness, the brightness of nothing,
I feel the sensation, the sensation of something.
Not by your word, or by your way,
I stand still, and await your outcome,
Strong is the force, but only by day.
To look and justify, an element of your dismay,
Your path leads the retreat, my path leads the defeat.
Opened is the gate of thought, closed is the path back,
What you choose to be, is only what you choose to lack.
Even is the darkest of dark, the will can live on,
The nightmare of our future, breaks the oppression of time,
Inside your heaven, my soul burns through a rythme.
Outside the threats of your conscious,
I gather the smouldering remains of my memory.
Within the confines of my sanity.
I hold onto the claims of my territory.
An emotion to negate, your journey inspiring hate,
What I perceive, is what you choose to conceive,
The terror you spread, evenly on my life,
Gathering the facts, a path through the strife.
To be what you are, is to be true to who you are,
If you can lie, then what do you deny,
If you can hate, my forgiveness is too late.
The gossip of the blind, the mention of my kind,
The slander of the young, old enough to know better.
Can you justify your life, or are you irrelevent,
I have a soul, and that is my testiment.

Verse 84

If I was to look beyond, that which was fact,
Could you perceive, an element of that you lack.
Pondering your consciousness, and settling my own,
See what I offer, and hasten your tone.
The steps of a boundary, the gate of your void,
To breath life into concept, to see and be enjoyed.
The cloak of fear, leaves an insight on strife,
Your knowledge of I, is more hurtful that life,
The journey continues, and all time is by sight,
My memory of day, leaves what you live by at night.
If I cannot judge you on honesty, I cannot judge you at all,
The path to which I follow, can soften you gifted fall.
Sparking my sence through the creation of fate,
Can you display your talent, or are too late.
One step through the doorway, one foot through the door,
Can one experience your existence, or are you too poor.
The story of a question, the question not asked,
The hate in your answer, your emotion is masked.
A task to believe, if your foundation is true,
The meaning in your comments, or a message to just you.
I believe I can breath, and that I conceive,
What follows is fate, the path to believe.
A message to the sky, or a look to the past,
The glow of your pride, the dignity to last.
What you see as your beginning, I see as a task,
The life of my kindness, am I too low to just ask.
A portrayal of meaning, or a pathway to sustain,
The source of your energy, the fountain to tame.

Verse 85

The foundation of a pattarn, the portrayal of your action,
The drive behind your haste, the wisdom of your taste.
To enter the game, the soul must be true,
To play music with fire, is all i inspire,
Your name can mean nothing, as dark is to light,
There is no shame in dispair, but hold on to the fight.
A word, the essence, the truth in your lie,
The spark i enlighten, the soul i deny.
To glance at an outome, to give grace to your sight,
The patience of the wise men, the solitude of your light.
Feel forward, step back, then begin just once more,
A vision of a sanctuary, or fact to not ignore.
What begins as just an action, steps forward your time to tell,
If nothing but your pressence, I protect my outer shell.
The light to shed on a single stone,
is what you tell when you are alone,
Where have you been, and what have you done,
To compare it to me, feels like the weight of a tonne.
I live in the now, not in the past,
What i can achieve just tomorrow, i will hold to the last,
To step back from your journey, to give breath to your thought,
I hold close to the second, to what have i taught,
The lesson is there, in will it may see,
To yours is the doorway, to yours is the key.

Verse 86

Deep in the trench, of that of your thought,
Feeling your problem, or the emotionless naught.
The oblivious is obvious, the track well laid.
The creators become creations, the path often strayed.
The dust of your hand, lays deep in its blood,
The scaring of tissue, your hinderance to love.
What is blank, can become one,
What is true, can be undone,
The length of the strand, is of your hand,
The swirling of time, seemless to stand.
Now is the hour, tomorrow the tension,
The pattern of motion, your honor the lesson.
To enter a bridge, not folding in breath,
Strays not the person, whos fate is too strength.
To begin once more, from the confines of a bridge,
To that beyond thought, that beyond the mere ridge.
The glimmer of truth, shines light that dark deep,
A fortune to some, or the bredth of your leap.
Striving in the passage, the passage of patience,
Each step is to rubber, as rubber to aquaintence.
The light can be seen, but not over heard,
Your faith is in trust, my life is its word.
What debates the tension, when none is at hand,
Bring forth one answer, only then to understand.
The Future holds promise, when looked from above,
The color of the glimmer, the message of a dove.
A gateway to knowledge, and a thought of that past,
The focus, to now looking, now feeling that last.
What I can attain, can always be prepared,
But what can be lost, is best to be shared.

Verse 87

The pawn of your fate, of the arm of my journey,
The dawn of the day, lays deep in your mercy.
In the blink of an eye, the darkness turns blind,
The smell of the victor, or just a move by your kind.
Im not here to show sorrow, misfortune or blaim,
The exit will prove shallow, and the fear felt the same.
A key to become still, or a tone to draw will,
What path to begin on, which way can you feel.
To speak of the side, with no side at all,
Is the silence of a mortal, with a test and a wall.
To break a view of an ocean, with a image of distaste,
The ripples of the moment, create more than cut and paste.
The boundary of the seen, and the anger of whats between,
In all if one, the path undone, where time cannot be seen.
Bleeding the day of the spark, taking it not for the art,
The force of the being, and a good place to start.
Sencing the purpose, and to breath inbetween,
I mentioned a reason, to simple once seen.
An island of splendor, and a break to surrender,
The thought of whats right, and a task within sight.
If thought bred contempt, and contempt bred dis favour,
The stillness of the life form, the beat of the labour.
As the day bleeds to night, the wall turns in spite,
The end of the corridore, seems just out of sight.
Will the dawn bring forth new outcomes,
Will the day hold more than that born,
The presence of a master, and his glance to fore warn.
Is this piece so important, that true patience shows wear,
The mark of the journey, your state, a blank stare.

Verse 88

In the blink of an eye, the day can turn night,
No matter the will, and no matter the fight.
If the doorway was open, would you go through,
A path may be chosen, but is it for you.
The dawn and the dusk, are just measures of time,
Can the myst of the past, cover the patience of rhyme.
Without making a step, and no thought had begun,
The trail may be broken, but the battle still won.
To follow the thought, and the haze of whats next,
A map to the future, can be seen by the best.
Only by day, the path still insight.
One look to the dark, can bring on the night.
One track is the front, and not to go back,
But what of the danger, the cloud may be black.
Take stand and take shelter, the present soon past,
The road will be paved, with a glimmer of glass.
To take a step forward, blinded by fate,
The light in the distance, is never too late.
By day or by night, the time is in sight,
The distance is small, an arms length, that's all.
If u look twice its gone, you ask, where then I do belong,
Hold true to yourself, and your path will be a lesson,
If its not what you want, the outcome is always tension.
You are the light, you are your soul,
You have been guided, now it is your turn, to take control.

Verse 89

At the start, of a journey, it should not be, about the end,
Its about knowing the pathway, and about preparing, for the bend.
The road may be high, or the road may be low,
But the dangers, are present, the edge of a cliff, or an avalanche of snow.
To metaphor the path of a journey, and the stereotypical vision of the end,
Can be blocked, by this, and that, and what u conceive, should set a new trend,
Never out of reach, no matter how far you go,
It makes no difference, if you just sit, and drink from the flow,
One day, the carpet, will turn and smile back,
Well done, you have tried, but its now time, for the pact.
You jump off the chair, and grab your first bite.
The journey up a mountain, now seems, just the start of the fight.
The house turns to gold, the dreams become shared,
The carpet rides out, your confidence, in the term prepared,
The haze of such brightness, too bright to call light,
Leaves the beholder a hidden scar, a new mark called insight,
To know the ending, while not pretending, can often lead to a soul extending,
Its about being who I am, and never letting them down,
To walk off, as I walk on,  they scream in anger, then sing along.
Their looks, their words, their cheers, their disgust,
It has no effect, they have no idea, of the path, of lust.
A sip of the light, once taken is too much,
The effect on my life, is akin, to the magic, of touch,
The highest of highest, or the lowest of lowest,
Clean cut, or unshaven, is it your haven, with focus,
Is it your ego, that says, u can judge me, for my looks,
My life is my own, the day I effect yours is the day i disliken my tone,
If I looked at you, after u shovelled coal for an hour,
Would I go on about the dirt on your face,
Or would I remind you of your power.
Take time to not judge, and take time to be kind,
Take time for yourself, and take time for your mind.

Verse 90